Fishing camp on the Ebro River - Camp Ebro

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Yes, it is. You can visit us at any time of the year. Fishing is possible 365 days a year. It's up to you when you set out to conquer the River Ebro and fulfill your fishing dream.
No, there are no protected fishes here, fishing is possible all year-round without restrictions.
The river is up to a maximum of 200 m far from the campsite, it depends on the level of the water.
Yes, we will arrange everything before your arrival based on a copy of your personal ID (ID card or passport).
No, you do not have to, because for ships under 15 HP you do not need a captain's license.
Yes, it is, but only with sardine. Other kind of live bait is not allowed.
Unfortunately, it is not possible. Bait fish (sardines) can be bought at a grocery store in Caspe city.
It depends on you. If you want to travel light, we will be happy to lend you any fishing equipment. We will pick you up at the airport and with a comfortable car we take you to the camp. But if you want to bring your own equipment with you, it is better to go by car.
The best way to book your stay at our camp is to call the campsite manager +420 722 945 745 or +420 602 624 125 telephone numbers (call on WhatsApp application). We will be glad to answer all your questions during the call. Or you can fill in our simple booking form and we will contact you and prepare the stay according to your needs.
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